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Monday, April 12, 2010

Blackberry Girl Back

So I took the HTC HD2 phone back to Tmobile because it had some pretty major issues with it. Like locking up, it would not go into landscape mode and it would turn off by its self. So I got a Blackberry 9700 Bold. Can't say I love this phone because it is so small , but I do love the 3G when I can get it. So I am back on the BBM groups and chat if you guys want to hit me up :) I wonder if anyone really reads this blog anymore or is still losing weight? I decided that I am getting back on WW because I hate being over weight and I want to be a hot sexy momma again :) So I will start posting here a lot more this week. Hope everyone is doing really well.

Robin AKA Hkprettyinpink