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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What’s Going On

So how is everyone doing? Sorry to be MIA but I have been under the weather. This past Monday my right big toe was all swollen and I could not walk on my foot. I was in so much pain that Superman took me to the family doctor. After waiting like 2 hours I was finally called back and the doctor asked me a ton of questions, looked at my foot for like a minute and said that I had Gout. Really, Gout… he wrote me a script , took blood and said the test results would be back the next day. He wanted to stick a big needle in my foot to test for gout and I flat out refused that offer! I had no doubt this guy had no clue what the hell he was taking about and I would just go home and suffer. Well, that’s just what happened. I took this medicine he gave me and it said right on the bottle, “take until pain is relieved or you have nausea,vomiting or diarrhea. Right off I didn’t want to take the meds because I didn’t want to be sick on top of having my foot feel like it was broke, but I took it anyway. The next day after taking this stuff I was so sick the whole day with every symptom that was on that bottle!!! I was so made I could not stand it. Finally the doctor called and said my test result said I don’t have Gout!! the damn doctor wants me to come back in to take x-rays of my foot now! really??? you should have done that the first time I was there you moron.  so now I am able to walk on it so I’m not going back. I think I just jammed it cleaning house and that’s that. Its really messed up my work outs and diet for sure.. I'm all out of whack. The the moral of the story is this. If you have a gut feeling that you know whats wrong , your prob right.. Doctors are just stupid and its really hard to find a good one. I’m just glad my foot is not broke.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day weigh in

Hi all, 
Well today I hit the scales at 171.0.. I think my loss will be alot more next week since I have PMS so bad and there is prob 2 or 3 pounds of water weight on me right now. I didn't not work out 2 days this week and plan on not letting that happen again. It's really hard when my stomach hurts so bad. How is everyone else doing?  Robin

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm still going

Hi guys, I have not posted in a couple days because I have been eating the same thing and I didn't work out yesterday. PMS has taken hold and I feel horrible right now . So far I have not worked out but if I o I will post about it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm having an off day or maybe an off week. Definitely not used to being stuck in the house because of bad weather =( Been starving all week, haven't worked out since Saturday, the numbers on the scale are depressing me and I'm eating because I'm bored silly.

Ok, I'm done whining lol. I really hope tomorrow is better but it just seems to be an uphill battle this week. I entered one of my days into the loseit app just to see what the numbers looked like. It totaled a 31 Points+ day at just over 1,500 calories, before exercise. I think the calorie apps are a little more generous with 'activity points' than weight watchers is or maybe I just don't understand how they translate into calories burned.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

21 min at higher speed

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

33 min on treadmill

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Here is my food log from yesterday. I was fine till I went to work and my hubby brought me a massive bowl of chili for dinner and I was taking calls all night and could not leave work!!! ugh..

Total Calories: 1893

This is some of what I ate
This is exactly what I ate
Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) KCals
119.70 108.63 98.00 1893

Breakfast 7.70 32.63 22.00 293  
  1 cup Coffee (Brewed From Grounds)
0.05 - 0.28 2  
  1 serving Coffee-Mate
2.50 9.00 - 60  
  2 Corn Tortillas
1.37 21.43 2.74 105  
  5 large Egg White
0.28 1.20 17.98 86  
  1 serving Half & Half (Ultra Pasteurized)
3.50 1.00 1.00 40  

Lunch - - - -  

Dinner 112.00 76.00 76.00 1600  
  4 servings WOLF PLAIN CHILI
112.00 76.00 76.00 1600