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Friday, December 31, 2010

Workouts - Week 1

I was here and not really busy, so here is the planned get moving plan for the first week. Not written in stone or anything:

Monday - Jazzercise 1 hour
Tuesday - Nike+ 2 mile walk + Zumba 1 hour
Wednesday - Jazzercise 1 hour
Thursday - Nike+ 2 mile walk + Zumba 1 hour
Friday - Nike+ 2 mile walk
Saturday - Jazzercise 1 hour

All My Ducks in a Row...

Well, I got a jump on the new plan today. I joined ww online first thing this morning and even stepped on the scale. Eeek! Not good, but thats about to change =) I have been on and off Dotties for a few weeks, just not sure how well I'll keep up with that. So I have the online stuff and the iphone app for ww. I plan on tracking my food on paper and here as well as ww online. Probably overkill, but I really need to get this done and the best way to do that is to put all my time and energy into weightloss. My blog is up and running again and I will be updating it tomorrow with the right weight and measurements, etc. and I started working on my workout calendar for January and bought some cute stickers to decorate with.

So now I'm thinking goals, just not sure what yet..besides losing and then losing some more.

The Day Is Almost Here

So Tomorrow will start my Weight Watchers journey ;) I am pretty excited and can't what to see how I do with it. 
Yesterday I played around with my Webcam on my laptop and did a couple of short Videos and finally got the sound working right. The lighting is pretty poor in my craft room, so I may have to move around the house to find the best spot. I set up a YouTube Channel but I have not had time to do anything with it yet, I created it last night right before I went to work. I will work on it today and let you know tomorrow all the details. I have decided I prob need to do a daily video log to keep me honest with my self and to keep this up. I am so very sick of being over weight and I don't want to let my self down this year. Here is what I have decided I will start out using as weight loss tools
1. I will be using the Momentium Weight watchers books.
2. Dotties weight loss zone for support and chat.
3. Dotties Itouch and Ipad app for restaurants
4. To track my food I will use one of these 3 apps on my Itouch and Ipad, not sure which ones better yet.. Sparkspeople, Lose it and MyNetDiary. 
5. I will prob try and keep and paper journal of my food intake as well.  
6. This blog and YouTube.. 

Since I wont be doing WW meetings or online I have to find a way to do this on my own and really stick with it. I want a life change, not just a diet.. I will taking body measurements and my weight tomorrow :) Talk to you then, Robin. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidays Are So Over

Hi Christine,

I am so happy the holidays are over that I didn't take pictures this year of blog about it on my personal blog,lol. We just pretended it never happened. I have decided to use last years books I bought on Ebay and do the Momentum plan. I really don't have the money right now to pay for the online Etools or for Meetings the way I thought I would. I really wanted to try the new plan since it looks wonderful but right now I don't have a chose. I am going to use my Sparks account to track my daily food and then post my food intact here as well so we can compare to see what works. I have the Biggest Loser for Wii , Just Dance and my Treadmill that i will use everyday as well. Doesn't look like I will be getting to the gym since moneys is so tight. I will plan on starting on 1/1/11 and like i said I will post my daily food journal here so we can compare :) i'm so excited.
wish you could watch those Videos on Youtube, they are wonderful for inspiration and some friendly faces. Can you watch them on your Blackberry ? We need to add each other to a IM client so we can chat .. or cellphone number to text.. I will DM on Twitter.
I did not get the cam corder for Christmas like I wanted, so I am not sure if you webcam is going to be good enough to do a Youtube, will have to test it out and see. Looking forward to doing this and losing weight . I am even going to take body measurements which I have never done before :)
Robin AKA Hkprettyinpink

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas is over!!

Well, Christmas is over. I hope you had a great one!! Now I'm dying to get back on the ww wagon! I should be home on Thursday and the weekend is supposed to be nice so hopefully I can try out my Nike+  I've pretty much decided on ww online at least for the next 3 months, back to shopping ebay for books. Have you decided what day you're going to start?

I added all your faves to youtube but my family doesn't haven't cable so I haven't been able to watch more than a few minutes. Have you started a video yet? I was thinking about adding a page to my blog for food journals, still not sure if thats going to work the way I want it to. Trying to compact my ww stuff before I get busy and get lazy lol.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Thinking.....

Its almost depressing that this blog says 2009. I have got to stop wasting time and get this done!!! I lost 60+ pounds, but that was nearly 6 years ago and I've almost found all of it again =( So I've decided I need to get back to what works. I lost that weight by tracking every damn thing I ate and working my butt off at the gym. So here we go! I'm back at DWLZ and will either be posting my food journal there or on my lj either way I won't be weighing in everyday, cause that just drives me crazy.

The exercise goal is to hit at least 3 jazzercise classes a week and put a whole lotta miles on my Nike+ which might end up being a lot of mall walking until the weather turns nice again. I'm in no better shape than I was when we started this blog and my goal weight is about 75 pounds away, which if I stick to it is a reasonable goal for a years time. Anyways, I'm in planning mode =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lets knock Some Dust Off This Blog

Hi everyone :) I know its been a very long time, but we all know how it goes when life gets us all busy we just loss our way. I now longer have the job I started in August and I now work from home part time .. super job and I am very lucky to have it. I wanted to come here to let you know I am starting Weight Watchers 1/1/11.. I will be going to meetings and I am thinking of doing a Vlog over at Youtube as well . I am going to use this blog alot also to keep everyone posted and to keep my self in check. Is it possible to change the name of this blog to Blackberry diet buddies 2011? humm. Not sure yet because most of you don't have blackberrys anymore and I really has turned into just me blogging here.So I may change the name of this blog, not sure yet.  I have alot to get together and my mind is racing with excitement over it all.
What do you think about the doing the Youtube channel? I have been watching Stacey353 and LeslieIslosing Vlog's on Youtube and feel inspired to at least try and make this happen. We all need a little push to get over the hump of being shy and I think this is just the way to do it. So I'm putting a camcorder  on my wish list for Christmas :) let me hear from everyone, I am still on twitter as Hkprettyinpink and I still have my blackberry, or you can email me at .. If noone is following or reading this blog I will just rename it and make it my own :) look forward to speaking with you all soon..